How To Remember What You Read For Exam

The importance associated with reading cannot be overstated. It is only by reading that one acquires new knowledge and also reinforces to memory what they may have read in the past. Committing eons of information to one’s memory is therefore a vital part of one’s day to day undertakings. In retrospect, it is how we are able to undertake our daily activities. Just imagine having to walk around with a set of instructions and on what needs to be done and directions on how to do the job. It would be a very bulky affair so to speak. Right? The ability to remember pieces of information therefore saves time which would otherwise be lost if the information was to be gathered manually every time one needed it.

Avenues where one can get access to information are on an upward spiral and it’s not just books that provide information. Now there is the internet that has opened up access to vital news and information regarding a wide scope of topics. The big question then is just how does one remember what they read?

First and foremost, if you want to remember what you read, ensure that you have a purpose fuelling your need to read. You are more likely to remember what you read when you know that you want to achieve something specific or want to get specific bits of information when all is said and done.

How To Remember What You Read For Exam

Once you know what you want to achieve and have a clear purpose in mind, you need to skim through what you intend to read. Skimming is described as the process of speed reading where one visually the sentences and paragraphs of a page to gather clues about what the information is about. Skimming helps one to remember what they read because it naturally improves one’s memory hereby making it easier for the reader to remember the second time around. Apart from that, skimming helps a reader know where the most important content is found within the material that one has to go through.

Once you begin reading, learn how to write short notes as you read. Taking notes may not come naturally for some people and in some cases even seems like a tedious thing to do. By writing down important points as you read, you reinforce the points in your mind and this is will cause you to remember what you read long after you have turned over the last page.

Finding the ideal place to read from plays an important role when it comes to remembering what one reads. It is important that the ideal location for reading is one that is free from any sort of distractions. A quiet and well ventilated place is ideal as it allows one to fully concentrate on what they are reading. Distractions can also be self instigated. Lack of enough rest and sleep can cause one to lose concentration as they read. It is therefore important to get adequate sleep and rest as this helps the mind to function at its best.

Much as it is hard for some people to believe, reading can become addictive especially if one is enjoying what they are reading. That said, it is important that you respect your minds saturation capacity and you can do this by taking a few breaks in between your reading sessions in order to give your mind ample time to rejuvenate itself.