Where Should You Study? – 5 Great Places To Study For Exam Preparations

Never mind all those inspiring tales about how Einstein and Newton worked out their extensive theories under street-lamps on the road – comfortable study places that lack distractions are a prerequisite for grasping important concepts. Not only do they help you eventually score higher during the examinations, there is very less strain on your mental health if you choose soothing places to study.

How are you to choose the best study place for yourself? Here are five selected places that might help calm your nerves and let you master your concepts in peace and quiet.

    1. Study Places at home
      Despite your parents calling out for you all the time, siblings annoying you with loud music and pesky relatives visiting in the most inappropriate hours, there is no study place like home! If you’d like to get a moment of quiet in the midst of the din, the terrace, balconies, your study room (with the door shut, of course) or the backyard can be good options.If you have a large house with a garden, even better – you can simply spread out a bed-sheet and read from your books! You can also try and get into the attic with your parent’s permission.

Where Should You Study

  1. Libraries and reading rooms
    Libraries are the most popular study places amongst students. With silence more forced than naturally found, libraries and reading rooms are extraordinarily quiet. What’s more, in public libraries with a large book collection, you can also get a few reference books handy!Present-day libraries have added facilities like single cubicles, Wi-Fi connectivity and refreshment areas to make it even better for people who’d like to read. Thus, they are one of the ‘student learning’ hotspots!
  2. Study Places in the school
    Your school too, might be happy to help you find places to study, especially during the examination period. The school library, empty class rooms, the auditorium, the assembly ground and the refectory hall (when not in use) are wonderful places to utilize for studying. Moreover, you can approach your instructors when in doubt about a concept or idea.Not many students make the most of effective study places in the school. It is recommended that you take appropriate permission from the Principal before using them.
  3. Friend’s houses or hostel rooms
    Combined studies or ‘night-outs’ are terms for collective studying with your peers for a night. Students assemble for a night-out at a pre-decided place and spend the entire night learning their lessons, exchanging notes over a topic, clarifying each other’s doubts and helping one another with the course material.Nevertheless, friend’s houses are a favorite study place. We suggest getting together mutual friends and indulging in a study session for better results. Keep the gossip away though!
  4. At your place of work
    Spending time doing your lessons at a place of work is not a bad idea at all. In case you have a part-time/ful- time job with a company, try and seek consent from your boss about whether you can utilize company rooms for your examinations after office hours.Of course you must build a trust level with your supervisor before he gives you the go-ahead. All in all, you might have another study place to prepare for your tests – right in your office!

Having a steady study place can help trigger your brain into the ‘study’ mode and this will ultimately, enhance your examination performance.