How To Stay focused On You Studies At Your Study Base

Staying focused while studying is the most important thing you should take care of. There are many factors that play role in the effectiveness of your study. But nothing comes close to your study environment that you spend most of the time flipping your books at.

While studying, it’s very important to find a place where you feel most comfortable. Give your best first to consider your study place, design it, tweak it until it’s perfect for you. To further help you stay focused when you study, there are certain rules you should take into consideration:

    1. Proper place
      Study area has to be a special place. Some people are not very choosy about the place of study; they feel comfortable at any place, probably on the bed (a bad choice). But the fact is that it is very necessary to choose a proper, reserved place for study where you feel most comfortable and can give your best. Ask yourself: Is this the place pleasant enough that I would offer it to my friend to study? Or you hate it so much because it’s depressing?
    2. Environment
      The environment of study area matters a lot. Check the style, size, and placement of the desk, the chair, the lamp and books or notes. Chair should be comfortable so that your back remain relaxed; table should not be very high or very low, the area should be clean. All these minute details affect the way we study.

How To Stay focused On You Studies At Your Study Base

  1. Lighting
    Lighting is one of the major factors that affect your mood. It should not be very bright or very dim because either way will put strain on your eyes. If you use a table lamp it should be at a proper height from the book, if it’s a bulb or a tube light it should be close enough to provide the necessary light. Experiment and adjust it to a level you find most suitable, balanced between comforts and staying alert.
  2. Traffic
    Is your study base situated at a high or low traffic area? Passing people cause continuous distraction so the study area in the house should be away from any passage or door. Close the door to the room to avoid disturbance from the outside. Also external traffic is important, if your study place is by a window you will be distracted by people or vehicles passing on the road. So avoid windows as well. Only come to the windows for some fresh air when you are taking a break every half an hour or so.
  3. Disturbance
    Are you disturbed by something? Is the telephone ringing? Is the volume of the TV very high? Is someone calling you again and again? Remember you can’t study if you are being disturbed. So it is necessary to set some rules for everyone to know that you are studying and that you should not be disturbed. Also, do not listen to music, talk on the phone, eat or even sleep at the same place you read books.
  4. Material
    See your books, notes or whatever study materials are neatly placed or not. Keep them organized and near your table your table so that you don’t have to leave the table again and again to bring the books. There should be no extra things like cups, CDs or any other material that is not related to your study. Also remove the books that are not related to the topic you are studying.

In order to learn something you have to be attentive. Without concentration it is not possible to focus or to learn. So by applying the rules mentioned above, you will find your study effectiveness skyrocket.