October 7, 2015

Famous Last Words

rosebud_jrfg“No, I don’t need to see a doctor. I’m fine!”

“Of course they’re edible. I’ve been picking mushrooms all my life.”

“Stop worrying. I can text and drive at the same time.”

“What does ‘flammable’ mean?”

“Sure, I’d love to try your Japanese blowfish.”

“I think I need to cut the blue wire.”

“Rome is so dirty and crowded these days. I’m so glad we moved to Pompeii.”

“Well, you may have murdered our father, little brother. But I am next in line for the throne!”

“Nice to meet you, your Highness. So, tell me, why do they call you Vlad the Impaler?”

“Mein Fuhrer, to be honest, that little mustache of yours looks totally ridiculous.”

“Don’t be silly. There are no sharks in this part of the Mediterranean.”

“This is so exciting! I’ve always wanted to try skydiving!”

“I believe I’ve finally perfected the vaccine, but before I give it to anyone, I’ll test it on myself first.”

“Yeah, it looks like a storm is coming. But, c’mon, let’s finish our golf game. The chances of being hit by lightning are incredibly small.”

“Okay, so you’ve got a gun. Big deal. What are you going to do? Shoot me?”

“Honey? What are you doing home? I thought you were away on a business trip!”

“Who says you can’t have vigorous sex when you’re 90?”

“Thanks, but I don’t need a helmet.”

“Watch me make parkour history!”

“I don’t think Vladimir Putin would dare to have me killed.”

“Okay, men. Follow me.”

“Trust me. I know what I’m doing.”

“Why, yes, I am Sarah Connor.”



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