July 15, 2016

Sanders Supporters Confused by His Focus on Democrats Winning Election

57857ba0c46188a83c8b4586In the wake of Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, a number of the Vermont senator’s supporters are expressing frustration at his decision to support Clinton rather than continue his campaign all the way to the Democrats’ convention in Philadelphia.

“I feel betrayed,” said Seth Walker, 23, a barista in Boulder, Colorado. “Bernie’s campaign was supposed to be about starting a political revolution in America, not about winning some stupid election.”

When asked how such a political revolution might take place without progressive Democrats winning elections and ending conservative Republicans’ control of Congress and state legislatures, Mr. Walker replied, “I have no idea, man, but did you see that bird? The one that landed on Bernie’s podium during that rally? That was a sign. It was like he was the chosen one, like Neo in The Matrix.”

Upon being told that a party’s nominee is traditionally determined not by the flight patterns of birds but rather by the number of votes cast in primaries and caucuses, of which Clinton received around 3.5 million more than Sanders, Mr. Walker protested, “Yeah, yeah. But those are just statistics, man. You can always find statistics that supposedly prove whatever point you’re trying to make.”

When informed that, in the case of 2016 Democratic primary popular vote totals, there actually are no other statistics available, Mr. Walker sighed, “Exactly. It’s just the same old politics as usual, man. That’s what we’re trying to change.”

Asked who he would be voting for in November, Mr. Walker replied, “Now that Bernie’s out, I’m probably not going to vote for anyone. Obviously I wouldn’t vote for Trump, but I’m not going to vote for crooked Hillary, either. The revolution continues, man.”

Asked where he had picked up the expression “crooked Hillary,” Mr. Walker thought for a moment and then said, “I don’t know, man. Didn’t Bernie call her that?”

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