September 18, 2014

What’s on TV this week?

638441Note: For those unfamiliar with Czech TV, “The Street” is a soap opera, and CT2 is a state-owned cultural/education channel with a seemingly limitless archive of documentaries about Hitler.

The Street
(Monday, 6:25 pm, TV Nova)
Ruzenka has something important to tell Mrs. Nyklova about Max that she overheard Zuzana telling Anicka. But if Mrs. Nyklova tells it to Mr. Lumec, then Svetlana will certainly find out about it, and then there could be big trouble.

Yes, Boss!
(Tuesday, 10:20 pm, TV Prima)
Top chef Zdenek Pohlreich shows you how to make something that looks absolutely delicious but which you will likely never make because it’s way too much trouble and you’d rather be watching television.

Boys in Action
(Monday, 8:55 pm, CT1)
Yet another cooking show that will make you feel lazy and guilty for never actually using the recipes demonstrated. Plus, if you’re a married gal, it will also make you pissed off about the fact that your husband never cooks.

The Rise of Hitler
(Monday, 8:00 pm, CT2)
A fascinating two-hour documentary about the rise to power of everyone’s favorite evil dictator, one of the most-watchable villains the world has ever known.

Mussolini and Hitler
(Tuesday, 8:00 pm, CT2)
A double dose of vile megalomaniacal insanity that you can watch while savoring the knowledge that both of these assholes met a rotten death.

42 Attempts to Assassinate Hitler
(Wednesday, 8:00 pm, CT2)
Spoiler alert: They all missed.

Hitler’s Men
(Thursday, 8:00 pm, CT2)
Those who just can’t get enough of Hitler and the Nazis (and who can, really?) can gorge themselves on this three-hour buffet of despicable swine.

Speer and Hitler
(Friday, 8:00 pm, CT2)
Is anyone actually working at CT2, or are they just running the channel on Hitler autopilot?

The News
(Monday, 7:00 pm, CT1)
If you’re angry, worried or depressed about this country and/or the world in general, this program is just what you need to feel totally justified about your point of view.

The Reporters
(Monday, 9:25 pm, CT1)
If you liked this evening’s edition of The News, then you’ll surely enjoy this week’s in-depth reports about horrible people doing terrible things.

TOP STAR Magazine
(Monday, 9:30 pm, TV Prima)
This week’s profiles of celebrity infidelity, divorce, alcoholism and depression will at least make you feel a bit better about your own boring life.

Air Disasters
(Tuesday, 9:00 pm, CT2)
Are you flying somewhere soon and nervous about it? If so, don’t watch this show.

Footbal: Mlada Boleslav vs. Slavia Praha
(Saturday, 7:45 pm, CT4 Sport)
One guy kicks the ball to another guy, who kicks it to another guy, who kicks it a couple of times and then loses it to a guy from the other team, who kicks it to another guy, who kicks it out. A guy throws it back in to another guy, who kicks it, then kicks it again, and then kicks it to another guy, but it goes out. This goes on for two-and-a-half mind-numbing hours.

Wife Swap
(Sunday, 2:30 am, TV Nova)
A more appropriate name for what you’ll feel while watching this reality show would be “Channel Swap”.


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